First Writing Milestone for 2010

Only one more day to go for my first writing milestone of this year’s Writing Action Plan, and alas, I won’t meet it.  It’ll take the rest of the week, I think.  This is because I started out revising by trying to fix things up as I went along, and have now learnt this is not the way to go.  Once I started writing myself notes instead, things went much faster.

There’s a fair bit to do, more than I would have liked.  However, I’m happy that I’ve found where the low points are and have an idea of how to pick them up.  I’m at the point of the manuscript where I will need to find the parts where things just hurtle along and I need to build in rest points for the reader.  I remember I was utterly exhausted after finishing the first draft last year, and I suspect it was because I was writing so many high energy scenes. 

And this is the thought I’m going to sleep on tonight – what makes a good rest scene?  If I ask myself that right before I go to sleep, maybe I’ll have some answers in the morning.  Wish me luck!