Explanation for J-A’s silence

Yes, I’ve been rather quiet, not having written a thing for the whole of September.  The explanation is that I’m almost finished BattleFall!  I’ve only got half a chapter left to go before I can take a break and then start the second draft.  Not sure how many words it is, but it’s not 100k (no fantasy book worth its salt is under 100k).  That’s not a bad thing, though, because I tend to underwrite.  I get the bare bones down first and then work on it in redrafting. 

I find the first draft is a bit of a drag, but I’m excited about the second draft!  Anyhow, back to that half a chapter…

Upcoming New Fiction

I’m pleased to announce that a couple of talented writers I know have had success in getting their novels published!

Graham Storrs is an Australian science fiction writer who has just announced that his book Timesplash will shortly be available in e-book form from publisher Lyrical Press Inc.  Click on Graham’s name for a look at his blog and more information.

Luke Keioskie is also an Australian speculative fiction author, and has just published his zombie book Dead America with publisher Severed Press.  To get a taste, click here and see Luke’s website for the book, complete with sample chapters and info on how to get a copy.

Well done guys!