A bit about this blog


I’m an emerging Australian Speculative Fiction writer with a passion for stories and the craft of writing in general.  I write Fantasy, and am currently writing my second book. 


I’m interested in psychology, history and archaeology, and these interests inform my work.  I’m also passionate about the craft of writing and love exchanging tips on writing with other writers.  When you’re starting out, there’s so much to learn that it can be daunting.  There have been some very generous writers who have helped me, and I’d like to ‘return the favour’. 


The other thing is, writing is a hard slog, especially when you write tomes of 100,000 words or more.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember why you’re in this gig – until you hear from other writers!  The encouragement you get from those who are going through the same ups and downs that you are is worth water in a desert.  The more you get, the more inspired you are to keep at it. 


Hence this blog.  It’s to remind me and other emerging writers of why we do this.  I hope you find it useful.