I’ve got it!

I wrote the first book in a trilogy, then discovered the book was actually the second one.  I wrote a new first book, but wanted to somehow put the you beaut opening from the second book into the earlier chronology of the new one.  Couldn’t work out how to do it, so just left it, aiming to come back to work it out ‘some other time’.

Then out of the blue it hits me – I know how I can pull these two things together!  The idea still needs some finessing, but I think I’ve got the answer.  Just goes to show, if you have a problem, don’t think about it too hard and the answer will come.


Time for a Change

Can I change the way my blog looks?  I like the old theme, but I also like change.  I guess branding should be consistent, but sod it, I’ll be adventurous.

The thing I like about this new theme is that it’s more visual than the old one.  I’m getting back into painting after putting it on hold to finish some study, and I’m finding everywhere I look I see a painting.  Interestingly, this coincided with getting a whole lot of new ideas for books.  There must be something about visual creativity that runs parallel with written creativity.

But it’s also telling me something else.  I’ve got to finish this book and move on to the next one.  It’s all well and good refining and making something better, but it only improves you so far.  I’ve got a bit of room to grow yet, but it isn’t infinite.  This is the first time I’ve had this feeling – maybe I’m ready to try something new in writing too!


Eek – nearly a month since I last posted.  How did that happen? 

I haven’t got much to say except that after that last post on working full time, I’ve had cause to reflect on where my Writing Time gets eaten.  It’s not the day job, funnily enough.  It’s the household management!

I tried putting it off, particularly the tidying up.  It turned into a tidal wave that I couldn’t control any more.  Doesn’t matter, I said to myself, I has book, I finish book, all OK.

All not OK.  Clutter in the real world clutters the imaginary world too.  Therefore, I have decided to make a concerted effort and am de-cluttering the study.  Am throwing stuff out like nobody’s business.  All I can say is…