Redirection Required

There’s a little bit of freefaller in all of us, even if you’re a planner.

I’ve been offline lately because I’ve been concentrating on getting my novel finished.  I had a bit of a shock in the last few days.  I finished a chapter and referred back to my ‘disaster plan’ to see if I was still on track, and found that one of my paths wasn’t going to end where I’d planned.  Enter huge panic attack, frantic checking of whether this mattered or not, and vehement questioning of myself along the lines of if I didn’t go there, would my story be stuffed?

After a few days of panic, I’ve decided it’s OK, but I need to get back on track now or I’ll waste a lot of time drifting off target as far as what I need to say is concerned.  What I learned, though, is that even though I plan, I must free fall as well, because how would I drift if I ran strictly to the plan?  I like keeping things flexible, because I can respond to the unexpected that my characters often throw at me and  it makes the writing more alive.  However, I’m also glad I checked my progress, because now I’m more confident that my story is progressing OK.

It’s got me thinking about my writing process, though, and I thought I might write about that in my next post so I can reflect on it.  Stay tuned.


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